Su Park

Visual Design - Illustration


01. Event Collaterals 

      AD. Cassandra Warren

Picnic is an annual summer event for ALDO employees that aims to strengthen team spirit and promote love, confidence and belonging. Every year, we receive a concept from the Events team. This year’s overall concept was Tropical. Tropical foliage is applied to embellish emailer, menus, signage and tent cards under Cassandra’s guidance. The event was a success, building stronger team spirits under fresh, playful artworks. It felt like a vacation on a pacific island.

02. Challenge

Like every project at ALDO, being creative within the boundaries of the brand was challenging, because as a young designer fresh out of school, I had a strong ambition to design in my own style. However, I learned to let go of my ego to better align myself with the brand’s voice.

Made in Montreal.

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