Su Park

GDesigner Illustrator

les petits gamins.

01. Illustration 

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les petits gamins is a personal brand launched in 2020. It’s created to enable people to further connect with themselves. Thus bringing healthier social connection and inclusivity. I believe that only when we've built a deep connection with ourselves, should we build meaningful relationships with others.

The key is self-observation - observing my thoughts, feelings and intuition. Then a piece is created when those things meet an outside source. Because we're not too different from one another, whatever I'm going through, someone else is going through the same thing. So when people see my illustrations, they're actually not building a connection with me, but with themselves by relating my work to their own lives.

02. Challenge

The biggest challenge is to understand the root of my thoughts and feelings. Knowing what I’m feeling is one thing and actually understanding where it’s coming from is another thing. What helps me a lot to figure this out is by talking to myself. I write down the conversation I have with myself and that usually takes me to the root of my feeling.

Logo of les petits gamins

illustration of two gold dogs with sunglasses seating together on a dark green background les petits gamins

illustration of a man wearing a t-shirt and a beanie driving kids toy car on a burgundy and off white background color les petits gamins

Colorful illustration of Mona Lisa 2020

Made in Montreal.