Su Park

GDesigner Illustrator

les petits gamins.

01. Illustration 

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les petits gamins is a personal brand launched in 2020. Offering comfort when it's needed and smile when it's needed, les petits gamins is more than just pieces of art. Each illustration has its own story, a soul that hugs your heart. Tu me feel? Je te feel.

02. Challenge

With les petits gamins, the biggest challenge is to convey my feelings to others. Because I aim to connect with people through my illustrations, that sense of connectedness is everything. I often show my work to my closest friends before anyone else to ask them what kinds of feeling they are getting from the piece.

Logo of les petits gamins

illustration of two gold dogs with sunglasses seating together on a dark green background les petits gamins

illustration of a man wearing a t-shirt and a beanie driving kids toy car on a burgundy and off white background color les petits gamins

Made in Montreal.

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